As Omaha’s only Latino art and history museum, we invite you to help El Museo Latino document Latino history through photographs, digital images and stories during this COVID-19 pandemic.

El Museo Latino is documenting the history we are living through and is asking our community for assistance. El Museo Latino seeks to collect photographs, digital images, and oral history that will preserve the history of Latinos, Latino Americans, and Latino immigrants’ experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in Omaha, Nebraska.

The museum seeks to collect stories of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the lives of Nebraskans by documenting this time in history through the collection of digital images, oral history stories, and photographs.

It is important to preserve experiences at the time they happen so that details are not lost. Our ability to share stories in the future relies on information collected today. We want to collect images of how we are sheltering in place, social distancing, working remotely, schooling from home, and staying in touch with our loved ones virtually. El Museo Latino invites you to submit your images of how this pandemic has affected your daily life. Have you photographed people around you, at home or while social distancing? What does working from home or school look like for you and your family? How have so many changes made you feel?

Thank you.

Please send your images and stories, along with a brief description, to:

Should you have any questions, please email us at: